Some commuters and businesses disagree with new vendor laws expanding where they can set up

A new law now permits vendors to set up their carts within two feet of the curb and as close as possible to any obstructions.
While many vendors are happy about the increased flexibility in their day-to-day operations, small business owners and commuters are concerned about the crowding.
“I just hope that there’s enough space for people walking by,” said Fordham resident Adam Lare. “We got places to be, I got to go to work.”
The concerns are especially high for crowding near fire hydrants, bus shelters, bike racks and more. A letter from the Fordham Business Improvement District stated that the “lack of regulation may compromise accessibility, aesthetics, and public safety on Fordham Road.”
Councilmember Pierina Sanchez and Council majority leader Amanda Farias wrote in a statement, “We are heartened at the finding that expanding access to licenses to all vendors would positively impact vendors who would be able to work without fear, while generating millions in new revenues for NYC.”
Vendors such as Moustapha Ndyee say that with all of the roadblocks that exist for getting a vendor license, they plan to respect their local customers on their commutes and space their businesses in a way that works for everyone.