Soundview church celebrates Jesus' journey by taking to the streets

A Soundview parish is celebrating Good Friday by once again bringing Jesus' message to the masses.
Holy Cross Church observed the solemn day for Catholics with a decades-old tradition by heading out into the streets of the Bronx. This year, more than a hundred parishioners joined in.
The ceremont is filled with songs and prayer as those who join reflect on the Jesus' journey carrying his own cross through Jerusalem to Mount Calvary, where he was crucified.
There are 14 stops along the way for parishioners. Each marks impactful scenes along Jesus' route, included the three times he fell, where he was nailed to the cross, when he died and when he was buried.
There was a Good Friday service at Holy Cross following the Stations of the Cross procession. Friday's celebrations will culminate Sunday when Christians across the globe celebrate Jesus' resurrection on Easter.