Spuyten Duyvil volunteers deliver aid to migrants in encampments at US-Mexico border

Spuyten Duyvil volunteers deliver aid to migrants in encampments at US-Mexico border

News 12 Staff

Feb 2, 2020, 6:18 PM

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A group of women from Spuyten Duyvil banded together to deliver aid to migrants in Mexico.
Marti Michael, a retired social services worker, has been going to the U.S.—Mexico border for a year to provide support.
On her most recent trip, her and 13 colleagues brought wagons of hot meals over the border to feed thousands of hungry migrants and their children living in an encampment in Matamoros.
Under the President Trump’s administration's "remain in Mexico" policy, asylum seekers have to wait in Mexico while their cases unfold in U.S. immigration court. 
"They need everything, these people who are stuck in Mexico, most of them have walked from Latin America and gotten this far...during their walk, they've used up whatever supplies they had, they've been robbed and worse,” says Michael. 
The United Nations Children's Fund reported 700 children are among the people stranded in the border city. They say that some children have been there for weeks and even months.
Michael says her group, working with Texas' Brownsville team, are also assisting with a school that was built at the camp for children.
Michael originally started helping immigrants released by ICE transition to sponsors in the U.S. However, she says she realized she had to go into Mexico to make a greater impact.
"Once you see the conditions they are being held in and then you meet the people, and talk to them and hear their stories and love their children, now I can't not do it, I must go,” says Michael.
The group raised more than $18,000 to purchase food, clothing and toys for the kids.
Michael says she plans on going back to the border in two weeks with another group of volunteers.

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