Staff members concerned about massive changes coming to Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

Community and staff members at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center are alerting the community of massive changes ahead, but staff members claim it is not the best time. 
The hospital is modifying its services, and medical and surgical inpatient care services are expected to end on Jan. 1. 
The center will phase out a centric model to an ambulatory care model, but some staff members say it is not the right time due to the coronavirus pandemic. 
The changes are part of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Vital Brooklyn Initiative, merging the medical center with the Brookdale and Interfaith Medical Centers to create One Brooklyn Health. 
“Sometimes it brings me almost to tears... because I know what we went through, just a couple months ago,” said Jacinda Branche. 
Branche has worked at the center for 30 years and is one of the many who are nervous about the changes that are to come.
Branche says she is using her voice in hopes that the changes will be delayed. 
“As long as I can, yes, give it the good college try,” said Branche.