Statcare partners with community leaders to distribute COVID vaccine in most needed areas

Mass vaccinations continue across the city despite elected officials saying the supply is running low on coronavirus vaccines.

News 12 Staff

Jan 20, 2021, 3:48 AM

Updated 1,275 days ago


Mass vaccinations continue across the city despite elected officials saying the supply is running low on coronavirus vaccines. 
Dr. Sandeep Jain says a lot of vaccine doses have been distributed lately.
“We've vaccinated about 1,500 people in the span of about 4 days,” said Jain. 
Appointments are booked solid at Statcare--a chain of urgent care centers across the metro area. They can’t take new appointments until they can get their next shipment of vaccines. 
However, with such a demand, Jain says he noticed that one specific population is having an extra hard time getting a dose of inoculation--elderly New Yorkers. 
“Elderly find it very hard to get spots and get vaccinated and their families are scrambling very hard to get vaccinated,” said Jain. 
Jain’s clinic has partnered with community leaders in areas where there is a surge, to bring the vaccine to patients instead. 
"We've taken our mobile RV and brought them to the communities, and we have been vaccinating the elderly populations there,” Jain. 

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