State ELA, SAT and ACT tests canceled or postponed due to COVID-19 concerns

State ELA exams have been suspended and college admission tests have also been canceled or postponed due to continuing concerns over COVID- 19.
As thousands of students are either getting ready to learn remotely or are being homeschooled, there is another growing concern revolving around when students will be able to take essential exams.
The spring is prime time for ACT and SAT tests for juniors getting ready to apply to colleges. However, with tests being canceled it could mean students won’t be able to take exams multiple times to try for higher scores.
ELA testing for third to eighth graders is also suspended. Teachers News 12 spoke to over the phone say the exam is important for teachers to know where students fall in or even if they’re ready for the next grade.
The ACTs have been rescheduled for June 13, but officials say that date may change.
School administrators say they may have no choice, but to scrap certain requirements to get students back on track.
For now, it seems the city’s primary focus is to get students and teachers ready with everything they need to learn online.