State senator says he was pepper sprayed, handcuffed at Barclays protest

State Sen. Zellnor Myrie (D-Brooklyn) says he was pepper sprayed and handcuffed during the protests that erupted at the Barclays Center Friday night over the death of George Floyd.
The state senator tweeted photos showing an officer apparently restraining him after he says he was sprayed in the face at the Brooklyn protest.
Myire says that police brutality is "in the DNA of this country" and that its roots go back decades.
The senator says that without accountability and consequences for misconduct, he believes there will be more chaos seen in the community.
"Our people that look like me have been the subject of that brutality so this is while we lift up George Floyd's life. This isn't just about him. This isn't just about Eric Garner. This isn't just about... what our community has to bare. We just have cameras now," the state senator said.
The NYPD says more than 200 people were arrested during the protests in Brooklyn, and multiple police officers were injured.
As News 12 has reported, protests erupted in New York City last night and across the country this week over the restraint death of George Floyd, a black man from Minnesota. A police officer is charged with murder in his death.
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