Subway to move 10% of Milford-based jobs to Miami

Subway plans to move part of its operations in Milford to Miami, the chain announced this week.
The move comes after Subway cut 500 jobs in Milford last year due to pandemic pressures.
Local officials say Subway CEO John Chidsey lives in the Miami area, and that it's common to shift some corporate offices after a change in leadership.
Sen. James Maroney says Subway has been a great corporate citizen for Milford, and that Milford remains a great home for business.
"There's always more you can do, and I'm not going to say there's not more than we can do," Sen. Maroney said. "But I think from the city of Milford, Mayor Blake has done a fantastic job. Six straight years with no tax increases [or] property tax increases. Businesses love predictability and I think that makes it a great location."
The company said in a statement that most of its financial and corporate jobs are staying in Milford.
A spokesperson for Subway said the roles being moved to Miami represent 10% of the company's Milford-based jobs.