Sunny with cold breeze for Friday, rainfall Saturday morning

NOW: Clear skies remain overnight into Friday, with a cool breeze through tomorrow.
NEXT: Wet and windy for Saturday.
News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Darryl Green says clear skies will stick around through Friday with a cold breeze tomorrow. Rain is expected to fall on Saturday morning.
Tonight: Very cold and clear, lows near freezing.
Friday: Mostly sunny and chilly, highs from the mid- to upper-40s.
Saturday: Cloudy, cool, rainy and breezy, highs from the mid- to upper-50s.
Sunday: Sun and clouds, highs in the mid-40s.
Monday: Increasing clouds, highs from the mid- to upper-40s. A late chance of showers at night.
Tuesday: Steady rain with highs from the low- to mid-50s.