Supporters, opponents await Trump's campaign stop in the Bronx

Former President Donald Trump will visit the South Bronx Thursday. Heather Fordham spoke to residents and local leaders for their thoughts ahead of the campaign stop.

News 12 Staff

May 21, 2024, 2:15 AM

Updated 22 days ago


All eyes are on the South Bronx as former President Donald Trump is set to host a rally in Crotona Park on Thursday.
According to the Trump campaign, the former president plans to highlight issues like inflation, the migrant crisis and rising crime. It's Trump's first rally in New York since 2016.
"Crime is extremely bad, living is really bad, jobs are really bad, I feel like anything like rather Biden or Trump, whoever, I feel like it needs to be a better world for us," said Elijah, who lives in the Bronx.
The former president's decision to come to the Bronx has been met with both excitement and resistance from Democratic lawmakers.
"I think he will absolutely not be welcomed here," said Oswald Feliz, Bronx Councilmember for District 15, "He introduced policies that were detrimental to our communities in the Bronx. For example, implementing policies that make it more difficult for residents to be able to qualify for food stamps, a program that we know is lifesaving, especially for our communities in the Bronx."
The Rev. Ruben Diaz Sr. was a part of a rally held over the weekend to welcome Trump to the Bronx. He says Black and Hispanic voters feel abandoned by Democratic leaders.
"This is an indication of how important have become the vote of the Black and Hispanic community that always been taken advantage of Democrats," said Ruben Diaz Sr.,former state senator.
In response, Trump's opposers are planning a counter rally outside of the park, called 'Trump Isn't welcome in the Bronx' for the same day and time.
Assemblymember Amanda Septimo and other organizations will be rallying outside of the park on Crotona Park East and Southern Boulevard.
Trump's will visit Crotona Park at 6 p.m. on Thursday. The NYPD says they will have an adequate security deployment to ensure the rally remains peaceful.

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