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Community, peers mourn death of NYPD officer; suspect of fatal shooting in custody

The NYPD is honoring late officer Adeed Fayaz following his death resulting from a weekend shooting. The man accused of the fatal shooting faces several charges, including murder.

News 12 Staff

Feb 8, 2023, 11:02 AM

Updated 527 days ago


A community is mourning the death NYPD officer Adeed Fayaz following a weekend shooting in Brooklyn.
Adeed Fayaz, 26, was shot in the head Saturday night. Fayaz died Tuesday night at Brookdale Hospital. He was a father of two children. Fayaz was taken away not only from his family, but also his precinct.
His peers at the 66th Precinct created a memorial for him with his picture, a flag and a prayer. The flag at the 66th Precinct is also flying at half-staff. Fayaz's death is now strengthening the call to end gun violence on the streets.
The suspect, 38-year-old Randy Jones, was walked out in handcuffs at the 75th Precinct Tuesday.
After days of searching, police finally caught Jones in Rockland County. Police say a brief struggle took place Saturday night when a Facebook Marketplace meeting to purchase a $24,000 car turned into a robbery. Fayaz was with his brother-in-law at the time, who reached for Fayaz’s gun to return fire after Jones shot Fayaz in the head.
Authorities say there were other robberies associated with Facebook Marketplace not far from where Fayaz was shot. They are currently looking to see whether Jones is related to those incidents.

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