Teacher’s unique teaching method a home run with students

One educator in the borough has a unique teaching method that is a home run with his students.
New Rochelle's Tony Apuzzi works at the New York Institute for Special Education, where he teaches kids with emotional and behavioral problems.

"It's very challenging because you're dealing with different personalities," says Apuzzi.

But that's something he's used to as his career started teaching in juvenile detention. "I inherited a group of kids in 2001 that ran off 12 teachers in seven months...wildest class I ever had."

That's when Apuzzi learned the key to getting through to any population of kids, saying, "We have to motivate them - no ifs, ands or buts about it."

So the lifetime Yankees fan made Yankee Stadium part of the classroom as motivation.

“They were amazed, they couldn't wait to get there, they were so excited...that's why we do it," says Apuzzi.

Since then, the program has only grown to include trips to other sports, memorabilia, and even interviews with legendary players.

"If you help one person in your lifetime, you've done your job,” says Apuzzi. “I’ve been fortunate to help more than one."