Tenant: Ongoing mold issues in Soundview apartment causing health concerns

A NYCHA tenant in the Soundview section of the Bronx says mold has made itself at home inside of her apartment for the last two months and it's now causing health concerns. 
Karla Montes says she has filed multiple complaints to NYCHA and that nothing has been resolved. 
"I noticed the mold because I started to smell something in my room and I'm like 'omg what is that smell' and when I go in my closet, I see that all of my property is damaged," said Montes. 
Montes says she is constantly cleaning her apartment and that shortly after the mold returns. Montes says the mold has ruined thousands of dollars in material property.
"Completely damaged. My sneakers, my newborn baby's basinet, it's stressful," said Montes. 
News 12 reached out to NYCHA, which released a statement saying:
"NYCHA conducted a mold inspection at this unit last week and a small area of mold was abated. Other work orders related to this apartment, including brick and plaster work, have been scheduled for today and tomorrow."