Tenants: Bed-Stuy apartment building has not had heat for several winters

Some tenants in Brooklyn say they have consistently been without heat during the winter for years and have not been able to get help.
Cindy is a tenant of the apartment at 316 McDougal St. in Bedford-Stuyvesant. She says ever since management changed 10 years ago, the heat has failed to turn during the winter.
Cindy told News 12 she took management company Shelish McDougal LLC to court to make several repairs and turn the heating back on, but she lost her case.
Cindy says she’s now facing eviction but won't go down without a fight to get the heat turned on.
The Department of Buildings has received several complaints and three boiler violations listed for the building.
While one of the violations was dismissed, the other two each hold a fine of $625. One of the complaints was placed in February of this year.
The room to the boiler was locked when News 12 was on the scene.
New York City requires all landlords to make sure the heat is on at least 68 degrees if the outdoor temperatures fall below 55 degrees between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.
Tenants say the heat has not been turned on the past few weeks, even on days when temperatures dipped into the 30s.