Tenants demand scaffolding be removed at Howard Houses in Brooklyn

Borough President Eric Adams and tenants at the Howard Houses in Brooklyn are demanding that scaffolding be removed on several buildings.
Adams says the last time he spoke to NYCHA and the Department of Buildings, they gave him a strict June deadline to get rid of the scaffolding.
Tenant Association President Naomi Johnson has been fronting the battle to get NYCHA to take it down.
"If they're not standing on the scaffolding no one can see whats going on because they're under the scaffolding, which blocks the windows," says Johnson.
The city agency say the scaffolding cost it more than $758,000 over the course of a few years.
NYCHA says the money spent goes toward installation, rental and maintenance fees. In a statement, it told News 12 that it understands residents' concerns.
NYCHA also says the sidewalk sheds were left up and will stay up for safety reasons.
Though with more planned brick work set for the spring of 2020, NYCHA says the structures won't be coming down anytime soon.