'That's criminal right there' - Harrison residents accused of charging neighbors for parking on street

Parking in Hudson County can generally be a nightmare, and now, Harrison residents have been accused of charging for a spot that was actually on the street.
Street parking is usually mostly full near the West Hudson Park entrance, so to park stress-free, you need to have a driveway. Some residents who need spaces say they have been charged by other residents for parking on Franklyn Street.
You can't drive through Franklyn Street, as it leads to a dead end. For years, residents, the town and the county commissioner didn't seem to take notice that the people who live on the street allegedly claimed it as their own.
"That's criminal right there," says Yvette Roig-Bralczyk, of Harrison.
Roig-Bralczyk says for nearly 15 years, she paid her neighbor to park in the spot. A police report shows that the people accused of claiming it earned $14,000.
Roig-Bralczyk says that only covers half of what she paid, and she's not the only person who purchased a spot.
She's suing to get her money back, and she wants the town to let her keep her spots.