The Children’s Law Center employees go on strike to demand better working conditions

The employees are asking for better pay, health insurance and more manageable workloads.

Julio Avila and Rob Taub

Jul 17, 2023, 9:30 PM

Updated 312 days ago


Staff members and attorneys from The Children’s Law Center have gone on strike to demand better working conditions.
They told News 12 their demands for better pay, better health insurance and manageable workloads are long overdue.
"We are out on strike,” said Association of Legal Aid Workers organizer Rita Akincilar. “We don't want to be, but we feel we need to, to get to a strong contract."
"We're already so understaffed and overworked that families are waiting months, if not years, to have their case be heard at a trial,” added Children’s Law Center attorney Jamie Beitler.
The Children’s Law Center Interim Executive Director Keith M. Little told News 12 the organization is still committed to providing services during the strike.
"Our dedicated staff is known for achieving positive outcomes for thousands of kids each year and we are optimistic that we will reach an agreement that allows us to continue to provide that high level of service and advocacy,” Little said in a statement.
Little said employees a 5% percent salary increase given last year.

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