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‘The issue is supply’ - NYC sees COVID-19 vaccine shortage; Bronx among hardest hit

New York City is facing another hurdle in the fight against coronavirus - a vaccine shortage.

News 12 Staff

Jan 21, 2021, 3:35 AM

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New York City is facing another hurdle in the fight against coronavirus - a vaccine shortage. 
Mayor Bill de Blasio said that NYC could run out of vaccine supplies as soon as Thursday. 
“We already were feeling the stress of a shortage of vaccine. Now the situation has been made even worse,” said de Blasio. 
Health officials said that the shortage is because of a shipping delay from Moderna. 
“We had been expecting to get all of the doses of Moderna for New York City yesterday on Tuesday,” said Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Commissioner Dave Chokshi. 
The mayor says this means rescheduling or canceling thousands of appointments. 
“This week, we've had to tell 23,000 New Yorkers who had an appointment this week that they will not be able to get that appointment for lack of supply,” he says. 
Currently, health care workers, adults over the age of 65 and essential workers are eligible to get vaccinated. 
However, due to the shortage, the mayor proposed that the city use the reserved second doses on first-time patients. 
“This is why I think we need to really free up the second doses on hand now to serve the folks who are waiting right this moment, just to get some protection,” said de Blasio. 
Gov. Andrew Cuomo says New Yorkers should expect a pattern of running out. 
“The issue is supply and that’s not going to change,” said Gov. Cuomo. 
Gov. Cuomo says the Bronx is seeing a surge in coronavirus cases. However, the mayor says that’s not all bad news — 500,000 people in the city have been vaccinated so far.

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