The New Normal: How is COVID-19 going to affect the 2021 holiday travel season?

News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen was joined by Pauline Frommer, editorial director of the travel publisher Frommer's, to discuss the holiday travel season.
During holiday travel last year, with COVID-19 cases soaring, lots of families canceled their plans. What are we expecting to see this Thanksgiving?
A potential shortage of airport screeners triggered by a federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate could mean extra-long queues at airport security checkpoints during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday travel week.
Vacation rentals - Thanksgiving reservation volume is up by 302% compared with 2020, and 93% higher compared with 2019 volume, according to Guesty, a vacation rental platform.
And Christmas reservation volume across the U.S. is up 469% compared with 2020, and is currently 157% higher than 2019 volume.
Home rental rates on websites such as Airbnb, Vrbo, Expedia and TripAdvisor may be as much as 82% higher than what they were in 2019, according to the company.
Should you get vacation insurance?
Canada and Mexico land borders are reopening in November.
Canada is launching a standardized proof of vaccination credential in the coming weeks for both domestic and international travel.
When looking for deals, what are the best days of week to book your travel?
Some vaccinated travelers have unexpectedly tested positive for COVID-19 during international trips, finding themselves required to isolate abroad due to U.S. travel restrictions. Are there any protections in place?