Theatrical reading of ‘King Lear’ shines light on elder abuse

A free theatrical reading of “King Lear” at the Bronx Museum of Art brought the topic of elder abuse to light.
Legendary actor James Earl Jones reprised his role in the same play that he had performed in more than 40 years ago.
The King Lear Project, named after the Shakespearean tragedy, is the latest project by the Theater of War Productions, a company that produces social impact projects through live theater readings.
In the production, multiples themes are talked of, including the topics of aging, elder abuse and dementia.
The play shows audience members what it looks like to be someone who might be experiencing what the king was experiencing, but also a family member of someone who might be struggling as well.
After the reading by Jones and fellow actors, the audience got the opportunity to continue the discussion, expressing and sharing their own thoughts and stories.
Although Jones didn’t speak with reporters as he made his way past admirers, many agreed he delivered a memorable performance on the troubling issues facing the elderly.