These houseplants will breathe life into your space

Most New York City apartments are pretty small, and that can make it difficult to find ways to decorate. Houseplants can make great decor while also helping to purify the air and breathe some life into your place.
News 12's Joanna Hernandez heads to a plant shop in Williamsburg to meet with an expert who knows just which plants are perfect for those small spaces.
"Most people have small apartments. There's not a lot of space here in New York, so they need something that doesn't need a lot of attention," Tara Heibel says. Heibel is the owner of Sprout Home, and for the past 16 years she has been bringing greenery into people's lives.
If you're ready to make the commitment, she's picked three plants that are perfect for anyone looking for an easy plant.
"All plants are different, so they all have different needs. You first have to know what kind of plant parent you are," Heibel shares.
Her first pick is a Sanseviera Zelancia, also known has a mother-in-law tongue. She says this kind of plant can dry out by at least half of their volume and thrive on neglect.
Another one she recommends for apartments is called zamioculcas. Those plants can dry out by a good 20 percent and also don't require too much attention.
And if you're looking for something that hangs a traditional green, pathos is a great option. "There's different variations and you can hang them or put them on the wall," Heibel says.
If you're still on the fence, you can always stop by the shop and ask all the questions you need answered.