Throgs Neck residents have reported more than 2,000 noise complaints since last June

Residents in the Throgs Neck neighborhood in the Bronx say they are tired of the constant loud music playing in their neighborhood during late night hours. They recently gathered at a community meeting to voice their concerns to local police.
According to data released by 311, there have been around 2,000 noise complaints in the area since June. Residents say a lot of the music and loud noise is from car racing that happens in the Home Depot parking lot off the Bruckner Expressway.
Officers from the 45th Precinct have issued 33 summonses, and have seized 3 cars and one motorcycle.
The 45th Precinct says they're getting 60 more officers this weekend to deal with the problem, and that residents should keep calling 311 whenever they hear disruptive music in the neighborhood.