Tracking Ophelia: Rain and wind in Sheepshead Bay

News 12’s Julia Avila is at the marina along Emmons Avenue with the latest information on weather conditions.  

Julio Avila

Sep 23, 2023, 5:23 PM

Updated 293 days ago


Heavy wind and rain pummeled Brooklyn on Saturday as the region got to feel some of Tropical Storm Ophelia's power. The storm made landfall in North Carolina early Saturday morning.
The winds and rain could be felt at the Canarsie Pier where the waves were visibly rough. Visibility across the water was poor where on a clear day, John F. Kennedy International Airport can be seen. During the storm, only the air traffic control tower could be barely seen.
Even with the rough weather, fishermen from Canarsie said it was a perfect day to catch fish.
"When the rain is falling, I think you catch better fish, and big fish," Trevor McMeo, one of those fishermen, said. "The wind is blowing, the water keeps moving, the fish, they eat. When the water is smooth, the fish don't really show up."
Another fisherman down the pier said this was his first time fishing during a storm in Canarsie, but is no stranger to fishing in bad weather.
"I'm from the Caribbean, so I always fish in the rain in the Caribbean," the second fisherman said. "They bite, they come to the shore. That's why I came here today."
The rain and winds appeared to be subtle in Sheepshead Bay. The surf along the marina off Emmons Avenue did not look as rough nor did the winds feel as strong.
There was barely anyone out aside from birds that were floating on the water.

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