Truck driver reunites with missing dog in Islip after incident that killed one of his other pets

A truck driver was reunited with his missing dog in Islip Wednesday after an incident that claimed the life of one of his other pets.
Juan Cabrera travels across the country with his seven dogs to keep him company.
While Cabrera made a stop for lunch one day, a person climbed onto his truck - and subsequentially fell and hurt themselves.
Police responded to the incident, heard the dogs and called animal control officers.
One of the dogs was killed off of Sunrise Highway after animal control went into the truck to confiscate his pets.
Another one of the dogs escaped and was missing for a few days.
Cabrera was able to reunite with his Chihuahua named Cotton after a good Samaritan found him.
The other dogs were taken by animal control, which charged Cabrera $800 for the dogs to be licensed in New York even though he is not a resident of the state.
News 12 reached out to animal control and the Suffolk County Police Department but have not heard back.