TSA: 2 Westchester men caught trying to bring guns on planes

Two men from Westchester have been caught trying to bring a gun on airplanes in separate incidents, authorities say.
At Westchester County Airport, Transportation Security Administration officers prevented an unidentified man from Peekskill from carrying a loaded handgun onto a flight. The .38-caliber revolver, loaded with five bullets, was spotted on an X-ray machine's monitor Wednesday. The man was detained for questioning before being allowed to leave the airport. He now faces a financial penalty for bringing a gun to an airport security checkpoint.
Also on Wednesday, an unidentified Yonkers man was arrested and charged in a similar crime at John F. Kennedy International Airport. TSA officers say they prevented him from carrying this a loaded 9 mm handgun onto his flight. The man is facing a weapons charge and a stiff fine.
The TSA says guns can be transported on a flight if they are unloaded and packed in a locked, hard-sided case then declared to the airline. The airline will be sure that the gun travels with checked baggage in the belly of the plane and never in the cabin of the plane. Additionally, replica firearms are prohibited in carry-on baggage and also must be transported in checked luggage.