Tunnel to Towers: 'Tribute in Light' celebration will continue this year

The "Tribute in Light," the twin rays of light that shine up into the sky in tribute to the Twin Towers will continue as planned, according to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.
The 9/11 Memorial and Museum had originally cancelled the annual event, but the Tunnel to Towers Foundation said in a statement on Twitter that it is "doing everything in its power to make sure that they will once again be illuminated." 
The original decision to cancel the event sparked backlash and members of the FDNY called for a reversal of the decision. 
They say the meaning behind the display of twin beams of light is to honor those who lost their lives on one of New York’s darkest days. 
"For the last 18 years prior to this, the display has reminded everyone of who we lost and that New York is still standing tall and this year it's even more poignant. We've all lost this year and New York does still stand tall, “ said Andrew Ansbro, president of the Uniform Firefighters Association. 
Ansboro said he was frustrated with the decision to cancel the ceremony. 
In a statement released by the museum on Thursday, the museum said it canceled the event because of the health risks it poses during the coronavirus pandemic on the large crew needed to pull the memorial off. 
"It's not an excuse that I'm buying. It's an outdoor light display. Everyone's sitting outside in restaurants right now eating in groups, and no one is wearing a mask in groups. Why tradesman can't work with masks is beyond me,” said Ansbro.  
Ansbro has said if the museum didn't put the lights on then, they will.