UFT president: Union survey finds over 300,000 students in oversized classes

A United Federation of Teachers survey found some troubling news about the city's high-need schools.
UFT President Michael Mulgrew says it shows more than 300,000 students are in oversized classes.
The survey found overall 97% of the city's more than 1,267 Title 1 schools have at least one oversized classroom, including schools in Brooklyn.
The Department of Education issued a statement to News 12 saying, "It is very clear and has been demonstrated by multiple independent analyses that the districts with the most classes over the caps are in the city's most affluent communities, which takes resources out of schools with the highest needs. Our recently released class size report shows that we are fully in compliance for this school year with the state’s new class size mandates, however we continue to call upon our partners in State and Federal government to support us with additional funding in maintaining compliance in the coming years.”