‘Unbearable’: Carle Place residents say LIRR construction has them rattled

Residents in Carle Place say they are angry that more isn't being done to ease the noise from the construction of the Long Island Rail Road’s third track project.
News 12 met with Elisia Ruivo inside her home, where she says there is “constant rattling” and her “walls shake” – all of which she says stems from LIRR construction.
News 12 spoke with her about similar issues in April 2019. She says very little has changed since then, except for new cracks in her ceiling and the foundation of her home.
Ruivo says she thought that the sound barrier wall would help with the loud noises, but instead it's more of an eyesore as she looks out her window.
Others in the neighborhood have also complained about the detours that are causing unwanted traffic. They called on their Legislator Laura Schaefer for help with the issue.
In a statement, Schaefer said in part: "I will continue to urge state lawmakers to secure the necessary funding to preserve my residents’ quality of life."
Ruivo says she just wants her peace and quiet back.
“It's unbearable. You just have to leave the house. You can't be here,” she told News 12.
The third track expansion project is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. News 12 reached out to the MTA for a comment but did not hear back.