Unusually warm weather causes flowers to bloom at Botanical Gardens

Officials at the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx say an unseasonably warm winter is causing some flowers to bloom.
They say species like viburnum are beginning to bud. It is an unusual sight for visitors at the garden this time of year due to the warm weather. Staff members say it has been a great thing for all those coming out to the annual holiday train show. Instead of just staying inside, they say visitors can get out and enjoy the grounds and see these sights.

However, while it is gorgeous to see flowers blooming that normally would not this time of year, come spring time staff members at the garden say these flowers will not be blooming again.
"The other thing that's tricky is any soft material, in terms of small leaves or buds, that are open in December are likely to be zapped by the cold nights when they come. So all that green material will be killed back for a year; you won't have that in the spring so it could set some plants back," one staff member says.
Every day, staff members say they check out all the plants and flowers to see what is happening, and they really do not know when these beautiful sights will go away. They recommend checking them out when you can.