Upcoming two-hour UFO special centers on Hudson Valley

A new Discovery Plus documentary airing on Aug. 15 takes a closer look at the possibility of extraterrestrial interactions across the Hudson Valley.
The show is called "Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley." According to the show, there have been nearly 3,000 reported encounters in the area over the last decade.
"The whole area is replete with these weird things these weird findings that we see out there and people are going to get to experience that…and what it was that people encountered as well,” says UFO investigator Marc D'Antonio. “Hudson Valley is considered by many people to be the UFO capital of the world.”
News 12 asked social media viewers if they’ve ever encountered a UFO in the Hudson Valley. On Twitter, nearly a fifth of those surveyed said yes.
The UFO investigator has this message for non-believers: "You're looking at 25 million earth-like planets or up to 10 billion earth-like planets just in our galaxy. Are the chances of another lifeform reaching some level of intelligence higher? And the answers is for me, at least, yes. The chances are likely,” says D’Antonio.
"Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley" launches Sunday on Discovery Plus.