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US Attorney: Former NYPD officer sentenced for assisting gang leader’s flee from the country

In addition to her 70-month sentence, the former officer was also sentenced to two years of supervised release.

Adolfo Carrion

Mar 29, 2024, 9:10 PM

Updated 114 days ago


A former NYPD officer was sentenced to 70 months in prison for her involvement in obstructing investigation into the Shooting Boys gang and assisting the gang leader to flee the United States.
Prosecutors say Gina Mestre was an Norwood-based officer who had an intimate relationship with Shooting Boys leader Andrew Done starting in June 2020. They say Mestre provided Done and other gang members with confidential information about the ongoing investigation into the gang.
Mestre warned Done and other members of the Shooting Boys about an incoming federal indictment, allowing the gang members to dispose of weapons and conceal criminal activity ahead of law enforcement’s arrival.
Other involvement includes Mestre informing the gang about a cooperating witness who was later assaulted by the Shooting Boys, and alerting Done about the NYPD’s knowledge of his involvement in a murder. When Mestre alerted Done of the police’s plans to arrest him for the murder, he was able to flee from the United States.
In addition to her 70-month sentence, Mestre was also sentenced to two years of supervised release.

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