USPS shares tips on how to beat holiday delivery rush

The United States Postal Service shared some tips with News 12's Faith Graham on how New Yorkers can beat the holiday shipping rush.
The Postal Service's peak season is from October through the middle of January.
During that time period a year ago, it processed a record-breaking 1.1 billion packages nationally.
The Postal Service's biggest tip is to plan ahead.
The busiest day for the Postal Service is Dec.19. They suggest sending out any important mail before then.
Another important date is Nov. 7. That is the last day to send out mail to any military base to ensure it arrives by Christmas.
The Postal Service has ramped up efforts behind the scenes. To prepare for the 2021 holiday season, it purchased 112 new machines that can process up to 4,500 packages an hour.
Above all, the most important way they work to meet the holiday demand is by hiring New Yorkers for seasonal positions.
Communications Specialist Xavier Hernandez said, "The Postal Service has events all around New York City. They are hiring events and they help people from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at post offices in each of the boroughs."
The public receives some support as they learn how to become a letter carrier and deliver the huge surge of packages that are expected for the holiday season.
Hernandez said the Postal Service has 400 seasonal positions open across New York City with a goal to fill those positions by Nov. 19.  
USPS Seasonal Hiring Events
  1. Wednesday's: Cornell Station on Lafayette Avenue
  2. Thursday's: Cadman Plaza