Victor Jordan - Last Chance

City Council Candidate Victor Jordan

News 12 Staff

May 3, 2019, 6:55 PM

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Victor Jordan
Last Chance
Current Occupation:
1. What would be your top priority as a City Councilmember?
The foreclosure crisis.
2. What do you love about living in Brooklyn?
The large Caribbean community.
3. What was your biggest challenge in school?
Working while going to school.
4. How do we improve the public transit system?
Change the leadership.
5. What needs to be done to improve conditions at NYCHA complexes?
We need to change the culture of the people that operate NYCHA.
6. Do you cook? What's your signature dish?
Broccoli, rice and potatoes.
7. If you could have dinner with any celebrity dead or alive, who would it be & why?
MLK, Jr.: I would want to know the source of his bravery.
8. What your favorite Brooklyn pizza shop? Favorite toppings?
Lenny's Pizza on Nostrand Avenue near Avenue D. I don't like toppings.
9. What inspired you to get involved in politics?
My colleagues at Community Board 17
10. What’s your favorite movie? TV show? App?
Porgy and Bess
11. How do you like to spend a day off?
Watching TV
12. Any hidden talents?

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