Video of discarded produce prompts push for NYC to fully legalize street vending

Local leaders and residents held a rally in the Bronx after the Department of Sanitation allegedly dumped thousands of dollars of produce from a street vendor into a garbage truck.
Organizers say they stood with street vendors and were upset with how a longtime Bronx street vendor was treated.
Attendees called on New York City to fully legalize street vending.
A video shows the Department of Sanitation throwing away pounds of produce Diana Hernandez Cruz was selling. Some community members say they were disgusted because food insecurity is a huge issue and that the food could have been put to good use.
According to the Department of Sanitation, the act stemmed from the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection. They say the DCWP had issued the vendor a violation after giving her many warnings.
Upon issuing the violation, they say Cruz abandoned the food.
The city says its usual policy is to donate food, but they had no idea how long the food was sitting out or where it had come from. They say it was a public safety priority to throw it out.
Many still think the situation could have been handled better.
"What they did was an absolute disgrace," says Linda Yates, of Allerton. "The city should know better. I mean people need fresh fruits and vegetables and I bought here for years."