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Vigil held to remember 13 lost in large building fire in Belmont

A vigil will be held to remember the 13 people lost two years ago in large fire in Belmont.

News 12 Staff

Dec 28, 2019, 10:36 PM

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A vigil was held to remember the 13 people lost two years ago in large fire in Belmont.
Officials say the fire started at 2336 Prospect Ave. when a 3-year-old was playing with stove burners. The flames then spread because of an open door.
Since the incident, campaigns and new regulation proposals have come out to prevent similar incidents.
The FDNY has held thousands of fire safety education events with a special focus on children and residential fire safety.
The department also created two public service announcements relating to closing doors to prevent fires from spreading.
The Department of Buildings will announce a new building code next year as part of its routine code revision process which happens every three years. They say it's to incorporate the latest national safety standards and best industry practices
The DOB said in a statement, "As part of this revision process, we convene multiple technical committees comprised of construction experts and industry stakeholders to collaborate on modifying our existing regulations, in the interest of greater public safety. We are currently in the middle of a revision cycle for our existing codes, which will include various safety-related changes to our current building regulations, and will be presented to the City Council next year for their approval."
Friends and family of the victims lost in the fire gathered to remember their loved ones Saturday night.

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