Voices of Gowanus members say City Council pushing rezoning decision too fast

Residents and business owners made a statement in Gowanus Tuesday morning on the heels of a City Council committee meeting. They say the city is pushing rezoning too quickly without considering all the factors.
The people who live in this community say elected officials do not understand the long-term effects that rezoning could have. They believe climate change has had a significant impact on the area and that rezoning will wreak havoc on the neighborhood.
Some Voices of Gowanus members dressed up in swimwear while others dressed up as what they call City Hall puppets arguing their points. The subcommittee on zoning and franchises will vote on the proposal today, but it will still have to go before the full council in November. People living in the area say storms like Ida proved that the infrastructure needs to be updated and they believe rezoning, which could add up to 20,000 additional residents, will only create more challenges.
The group has also hired a well-known attorney who was involved in the Love Canal case - a community that was built on toxic soil many years ago. For those who do not have a chance to comment in Tuesday's public hearing, the City Council allows residents to write in up to 72 hours after the meeting.