VOTE 2023: Inside look at the 2023 Bronx primary election rallies

News 12 brings you an inside look at some of the candidates' campaign rallies as votes came in for the primary election.

News 12 Staff

Jun 28, 2023, 2:31 AM

Updated 391 days ago


News 12's Heather Fordham was at Kristy Marmorato's rally as she looks to secure victory in the Republican primary for the City Council's 13th District.
The rules of ranked choice voting mean that those who voted for Republican primary candidate Hasime Samantha Zherka, who came in third, will likely have their second-ranked votes now count towards the close race between Marmorato and fellow Republican candidate George Havranek.
News 12's Brittany Cadet was at Marjorie Velazquez's rally as she secured a victory against three other candidates in the Democratic primary for the City Council's 13th District.

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