Wallington residents still struggle with water damage, power outages weeks after Ida

It's been almost two weeks since Ida ravaged New Jersey, and residents who were hit hardest say it's starting to set in that this recovery could take months.
Shelane Ramos says she’s worried about a new crack in the foundation of her house after getting around 5 feet of water in her basement.
She is waiting for insurance and FEMA to send someone to the house to help, but she says the clock is ticking.
Ramos says she’s been constantly cleaning as she fears mold is beginning to grow in her house, which would be especially dangerous for her asthmatic son. She also says she has no hot water, so she has to go to a friend’s house to shower.
However, Ramos says she’s grateful to be safe.
Even though the Saddle and Passaic rivers line the northern part of town, this was a different kind of storm. Residents who don’t usually have major flooding issues in the area say this time they did.
A local food truck showed up to the neighborhood Monday night to help residents get some dinner for free. Employees say it was a way to give back to the neighborhood that supported them during the pandemic.
Wallington, which has a population of around 11,000 residents, had about 125 boat rescues the night of the storm.