Warm winter temperatures put Bronx clothing stores out in the cold

Tuesday marked the official start of the winter season, and even though the temperatures have been warm, some Bronx business owners say they feel left out in the cold.
There are a lot of winter coats in stock as well as hats and other winter gear at Dr. Jay's on East Fordham Road.
Store employees say unlike the temperatures outside, sales have really plummeted.
"We are usually a lot busier," said Bhojwattie Singh, who blamed the warm weather for sluggish sales.
They say customers are in the market for lighter jackets commonly seen on the shelves during late winter and early spring.
Employees at Dr. Jay's say they are offering some big discounts to combat slow sales, such as $40 off North Face jackets and 50 percent off other products.
Employees say while the forecast is still nice, deals like these could really benefit customers when it does get cold.