Water main break in Woodlawn leaves sinkhole, many without water

A water main break in Woodlawn caused the road to collapse, leaving a sinkhole behind and many without water.

News 12 Staff

Jan 3, 2022, 11:04 PM

Updated 839 days ago


A water main break in Woodlawn caused the road to collapse, leaving a sinkhole behind and many without water.
Neighborhood resident Anna Constatino said her husband went outside to take down the Christmas decorations and saw water flooding down the street, so he called the police.
News 12 arrived on the scene just after 3 p.m. Monday and a member of the Department of Environmental Protection said the road had just collapsed.
A sink hole now sits at the corner of 237th Street and Martha Avenue.
"It was scary because the water was actually nearing towards our home, so, of course, my concern was, are we going to get flooded? How high is it going to get? When is it going to stop? You know, we have two little kids, so we were very concerned, and was a very scary situation," said resident Anna Constantino.
Constantino said the fire department came to her house to check things out and said there was a water main break.
While no official cause has been given, water main breaks can happen if temperatures get low enough and pipes freeze.
Neighbors say they hope everyone can stay safe, especially after the road collapsed.
The Department of Environmental Protection told News 12 they are investigating what happened. They went door-to-door passing out notices to people who have had their water temporarily shut off.

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