'We have coffee everything.’ Restaurant in Williamsbridge serves up coffee-infused food, drinks

The owners of the Coffee Bay restaurant in Williamsbridge took a risk and opened in the pandemic. But its unique menu and island vibes are standing out and turning heads.
"A lot of people thought I was crazy to open up in the pandemic. Existing businesses were struggling, so imagine a new business that nobody knows about," Jerry McDonald, owner of Coffee Bay restaurant, says. "I wanted to create a destination. I wanted to create a spot where you have to come."
This Caribbean oasis pays homage to McDonald's home country - Jamaica.
But the space is meant to serve as focal point for the surrounding local Bronx community. As a former teacher in the borough, McDonald wanted to bring all his passions together.
"I said, 'I am going to open up a mini library and book club so that anyone in the community can walk in, grab a cup of coffee, borrow one of our books and whatever you want to do in the community.’ This is the spot."
The spot for ambience and food with their unique menu. You can come to Coffee Bay and get your regular iced or hot coffee, but what is unique about this new restaurant is not just the aesthetic but the fact that coffee is infused in everything, including the food.
"We found out that coffee is not just a drink but it's a seasoning, a rub, a dip, a sauce. We have coffee everything," McDonald says.
McDonald also says he will continue coming up with new ideas for the menu with coffee in mind.