Webster Ave. couple: Rain leaks through ceiling

One Bronx family says that when it rains, it pours on them through their apartment's ceiling.
Juan and Lucia Perez at the Webster Houses on Webster Avenue say they've had to line their drooping ceilings with plastic tarps to keep the water at bay.
They live in a top-floor apartment, and say they've managed to keep their electronics out of harm's way so far, but the problem has been ongoing for the past year.
The Perezes say they've had to sleep on their sofa in the living room for the past few days because the rain was coming down in their bedroom.
The couple has called NYCHA repeatedly, but says crews have yet to make sufficient repairs.
Workers reportedly patched up the roof early Wednesday, but later in the day News 12 cameras recorded more rain coming through the ceiling. NYCHA says the repairs are ongoing.
Lucia Perez says she has respiratory problems and is on medication and a breathing tube. The couple says she's supposed to avoid so much humidity.