We're Open: The Original Hot Dog Factory in the Bronx

We are taking a trip to the Original Hot Dog Factory in the Bronx which opened a month ago bringing gourmet hot dogs. But what sets it apart?
Sizzling gourmet hot dogs like the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Dog topped with pineapple to the more traditional all-American dog represent different regions of the country.
"It's not a hot dog that's just been sitting boiling in water for the last eight days and then you come, and you eat it," says Jose Moronta, owner of Original Hot Dog Factory.
Their hot dogs are made to order right in front of you and one of the most popular, the Detroit Coney Dog, is topped with chili and cheese.
"I'm trying to make this like an icon. We're trying to make this a tourist attraction, a must-go to location," Moronta adds.
If you can get there before they're gone, you can add a doughnut from glaze to your hot dog order.