Westchester explores new technology that would ticket noisy drivers

Westchester County is looking to crack down on loud cars by exploring new technology that could ticket noisy drivers much like red-light cameras.
Loud traffic noise is the No. 1 complaint in Yonkers, according to Westchester County Legislator Ruth Walter, who says people are asking for action.
Her solution is traffic noise cameras.
"What it does, it finds the car making the noise," explains Walter.
The technology is already deployed in Canada and the United Kingdom. It looks similar to a red-light camera, but this device detects cars making noise louder than 75 decibels and takes a photo of the license plate.
"This is a disruption that has to be addressed," says Walter.
The Westchester Board of Legislators has already approved a $125,000 noise camera pilot program.
County officials are now looking to buy cameras and test the technology.
The noise cameras will be placed along the Bronx River Parkway.
The pilot program is expected to take six to nine months. No tickets will be issued for now because that would require legislation in Albany.
State lawmakers passed the SLEEP Act in the last legislative session that would outlaw the sale and installation of devices that make vehicle and motorcycle mufflers louder.
It would also increase the fine from $150 to $1,000.
That bill has not been signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.