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What upgrades has Twin Parks seen since the tragic fire one year ago? News 12 gets an exclusive look.

The ownership group is currently facing a lawsuit, and no one representative would speak with us on background, but a legal team from the group did answer our questions.

Katelynn Ulrich

Jan 7, 2023, 3:26 AM

Updated 528 days ago


In recapping the year since the Twin Parks fire, News 12 has told you the stories of the victims, the first responders, and the efforts to prevent it from happening again. 
News 12 hadn’t heard from the owners of the buildings, until today. 
Bronx Park Phase III Preservation LLC took ownership over the building in 2019. According to the groups' legal team, “It is a joint venture of Belveron Partners, Camber Property Group, and LIHC Investment Group.” 
The group is currently facing a lawsuit, and no one representative would speak with us on background, but a legal team from the group did answer our questions. 
Twin Parks has seen some upgrades since the fire. The main common area upon entering the building has fresh paint, new lights, and more touch-ups. 
The third floor, where the fire began, was completely destroyed by the fire. An order to vacate was issued by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, according to ownership. 
But now each apartment of the 14 apartments is fully renovated. But what ownership was eager to show us was an emergency PA system installed in each apartment. It’s an intercom system allowing someone to tell residents directly if the sound of a fire alarm is for a true fire. 
Ownership says this was installed because a big concern from tenants was how often the fire alarm went off prior to the fire. Ownership says tenants were never sure if it was sounding because of a fire or some other less-dangerous issue. 
News 12 is told there is no structural damage to the building. All repairs were for cosmetic damages. 
The repairs and upgrades cost more than $4 million, according to ownership. They say that includes direct assistance to tenants. 
The “bulk of all work” on the third floor is complete, and the process of renting again will start shortly, they say. A representative from the ownership group says before renting can begin, city inspectors from agencies like HPD must come in to inspect the changes and remove existing violations like orders to vacate. 
News 12 reached out to HPD to see if there are any plans to conduct those inspections soon and has yet to hear back. 

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