Woman says hospital mix-up let her give consent to take stranger off life support

A Brooklyn woman is suing St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx after she says she mistakenly gave consent to take a man she didn't know off of life support.
According to the New York Post, Shirell Powell says the hospital contacted her in July about a dying patient that she thought was her brother.
It turns out the patient, Frederick Williams, had the same name as her brother -- but was in fact a different person.
Powell, who spent nine days at the man's bedside, says her sister initially had doubts but they decided the facial features were his.

The medical examiner determined the man's correct identity.

Shirell's brother Frederick Williams was actually in jail. He tells the New York Post that he's not mad at his sister, but is upset about his family's ordeal.
News 12 contacted the hospital for comment and is awaiting a response. St. Barnabas told the Post that the lawsuit is without merit.
Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.