Woman sexually assaulted in home invasion, robbery

A husband and wife were robbed at gunpoint by four men inside their Bronx apartment, and the wife says she was sexually assaulted by one of the perpetrators.
The woman tells News 12 she was taking a shower when she heard a commotion. She came out to find her husband yelling, and says two men were pointing a gun at him. A third man was pointing a gun at her, and a fourth man is believed to have been acting as a lookout.
The suspects demanded money and jewelry. When the woman went into a nearby bedroom to gather items, she says one of the men began to sexually assault her.
The woman refused medical attention because she says the suspects made off with their identification and threatened to kill them if they went to anyone for help. The couple has asked to remain anonymous.
Police have arrested one of the suspects, a 21-year-old male who is being charged with robbery and aggravated sexual assault.
Police from the 40th Precinct are asking for help to identify the three remaining men. They have released surveillance video that they believe shows the individuals.