Zoning changes could come to Riverdale, Kingsbridge

The New York City Department of City Planning is proposing changes in Riverdale and Kingsbridge that could result in taller and wider buildings and less parking.
The City Planning Commission is performing an environmental study and creating a plan for senior and affordable housing in the two neighborhoods. Once the findings are released, the community must vote on the proposal.
Proposed concepts include increasing the height of some buildings by two or more stories, independent resident homes and long-term care facilities for seniors, which would be built wider than current standards allow.
Current parking requirements for new facilities would be waived, reducing the amount of space in the neighborhood available for parking.
Dan Padernacht, chairman of Community Board 8 in Riverdale, says some concerns of his include whether there will be ancillary services such as police and schools for the proposed additional housing and what effect the extra traffic would have on air quality.
The official plan is expected to be handed to Community Board 8 by this fall.