3 sought in bat attack on BX man

Police are looking for three men accused of beating a man with a baseball bat outside of his apartment after it was caught on video.
Family members of the victim, 56-year-old Lucindo Rosado, say he was playing pool with friends at Marimba Bar on East 182nd Street when the owner of the bar got into a fight with Rosado and punched him in the face early Sunday morning.
Rosado's son claims his father fought back in self-defense, saying the owner of the club started the fight and had his bouncers and others attack his father. He says the club owner called for backup security, recruiting two more men to chase after his father as he headed home with friends.
A surveillance video captured footage of a van pulling up to Rosado and attacking him with bats multiple times in front of his home.
"He wasn't swinging that bat to try and hurt my dad, he was swinging to try and kill him," says Rosado's son.
Rosado, who was released from St. Barnabas Hospital Wednesday, suffered five broken ribs, a swollen eye and numerous stiches.
Police tell News 12 that they are actively investigating the case but have not yet made any arrests. Officials say it is only a matter of time before they catch the men responsible.
Rosado's family plans on taking legal action against both the bar and the security company that outsources the bouncers.