6 Jersey City food trucks cited for health issues, parking violations

Six Jersey City food trucks were cited this week for health code issues and parking violations.
The crackdown was carried out by The Jersey City Quality of Life Task Force.
“We want our citizens eating healthy, well-prepared food,” says Jersey City Chief Prosecutor Jake Hudnut. “I think some trucks are certainly in compliance and those that aren't, I think, are getting the message after this action.”
The food trucks cited include, Halal Guys of Rutherford, AJL Ice Cream of Newark, Gigi Halal Food of Bayonne, Sahara Grill and Pita of Jersey City, Dosa Spot of Jersey City and Zeze Cool of Jersey City.
Inspectors say that they found excess grease and food littering preparation surfaces and other violations. But five of the six trucks have already been given the OK to sell food once again.
The Jersey City City Council voted Wednesday to put more regulations into where food trucks can park in the city.